What are the Figure Studies?

The Figure Study project offers artists access to models in various poses, body types, genders, and clothing levels.

What I learned during this process is that I’m a writer, not a photographer. Some of the images are blurry, but my artist friends assured me the pictures were invaluable in helping them imagine the body in various poses.

The images have a resolution of, on average, eight meg. They’ve sat on my hard drive all these years, serving no purpose. I was recently asked about them by a friend, and he suggested getting them out there for other artists. He reminded me that as a writer, I need covers for my books, and these are a great way to attract artists to the site. I already had AlexanderCollas.com, so here they are.

Due to modeling agreements, I have to charge something for them. Not a lot. I am currently pricing them at $.99 each. Eventually, I’ll group images by models and offering them in sets. The entire catalog consists of a couple of dozen different models and hundreds of poses.

If this project proves to be popular, I’m would happily find new models and continue to add to the catalog. So if there are poses you would like to see, please feel free to drop me a note at info@deathnailmedia.com.

So enjoy, and all feedback is welcome.