TOS: Figure Studies

These figure studies were a series of photo shoots I did early on to assist artist, of all types, who didn’t have access to models. The images for the time were on a large format allowing the artist to clearly see the details of the human form. Some are a bit blurry due to natural human movement, but still, the features are visible. Each pose is photographed is a series of 7 to 9 images allowing the artist to see all 360 degrees of a single pose.

I’m pleased to be able to provide these pictures to artists, sculptors, cover designers or anyone else for use. All I ask is that if an image is used on a for sale or published work that credit is given to Alexander Collas and Death Nail Media.  The images cannot be used in their original form, therefore, to present them as part of your work they must be altered significantly in some way. This doesn’t include merely resizing or cropping.  Also, if you plan to use the images in any for sale item, regardless of media, you need to fill out the TOS Agreement form and return it to art@deathnailmedia.com. If we do not have a copy of the form on file, then no license is given for the use of these images.

If you’re interested in owning the complete rights to any image, please feel free to drop me an email at the same above mentioned address, and we can discuss your purchase of the image(s). After such time as an image is purchased it will be removed from the site and no longer offered for use to other artists. Any and all artists who have completed the TOS Form before the date of sale will still have rights to the continued use of said image. But only in the project specifically specified on the form.

There are many flaws to be found in this series; it was purely an experiment from my younger days. I count on the honesty to those visiting to fill out the proper paperwork before using any of these images.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy

Alexander Collas