Into the Wild – Book 1

Would you give up the life you have right now in exchange for a new one in a magical world?

Not an RPG.

Not a vacation.

A brand-new life on a new world, leaving all you have behind.

No respawns. No logouts. No, do-overs. If you die, you die. It’s just that simple.

Would you take the chance?

Matsugo and Devon received that offer and chose to roll the dice.

Two friends, giving up a modern life to awaken in a world of monsters, magic, and adventure.

Join them in this new series by the author of Journal of a Deadman and The Family Morningstar, Alexander Collas. Watch as Matsugo deals with being a rogue and what it’s like to walk in hooves. Devon must learn the ways of a Druid while adjusting to a new world and a new gender.

Many dreams come true, but some of those dreams are not what they imagined. Welcome to Into the Wild.