Politically Correct? Fuck you… I can say that

I am working on the next Morningstar book but when this came up in my mind I decided it didn’t need to only be in the book but posted before hand. Here it is, cry if you want. Political Correctness is Censorship for cowards. People want an open society, transparency, and the ability to get to any information they want. When they are given that, they start screaming you are damaging them somehow. You cant have it both ways. If you want the world to tell you everything, you need to understand that you will not like some of it, and that is fine. If your opinion is valid, then so is theirs regardless of how much you might hate it. You don’t get to choose what people think. You get to choose, after learning what they believe, if you will be involved with them. You don’t get to say what cannot be expressed because if you do, then they do, and you don’t want that do you?

And then I watched this, Yea Stephen Fry