Figure Study Project

Figure Studies

I’m publishing to a series of photoshoots I did many years ago to assist an artist friend. Now I’m putting them out there for anyone who needs them. The pictures for the time were a large format, but not so much anymore. They were kept as big as possible to ensure the artist could see all the detail in the specific model and pose. Some are a bit blurry due to natural human movement, but still, the detail can be seen.

Each model was photographed in a series of poses. Each pose was photographed in a series of 7 to 9 images, each image at a different angle forming a full 360 degrees representation of the single pose. There are several models, both genders, in hundreds of different poses. I plan to add between 1 and 3 new poses weekly.

I’m happy to provide the pictures to artists, sculptors, cover designers, or anyone else to use. All I ask is that if an image is used on a published work that credit is given to Alexander Collas.

The images cannot be used in their original form. Therefore, to be allowed to present them as part of your work, they must be altered significantly or recreated in another format, such as painting or sculpture. Simply resizing or cropping an image does not constitute “significant” alterations.  Also, if you plan to use the work in any published item, regardless of media, you need to fill out the TOS Agreement and return it to If we do not have a copy of the form on file, no license is given for the use of the image(s). This project was purely an experiment and labor of love. I count on the honesty of those visiting to fill out the proper paperwork before using any of these images.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy

Alexander Collas