Journal of a Deadman: Violence is available

Here continues the journals of Keith Aderwilde, the soul consigned to chronical his travels through Hell. In these entries, we will visit the Planes of Blasphemy and Violence as well as the Creations discarded by The Father to the Void. Keith’s travels have revealed to him the secrets The Host wished to hide. How their disdain for the living since The Father’s disappearance has festered until only a few of the trillions of souls who die are ever allowed to enter The Eternal City. How most, regardless of their devotion, fall prey to the contradictory rules set by The Host thus dooming them to an eternity as the playthings of Hells Demons and Damned. Keith is now forced into making hard decisions as he prepares to rescue his lover Usis from the clutches of the Overlord of Violence. With his travel companions and advisors, Keith must devise a way to confront one of Lucifer’s most vicious Generals, Leviathan, on his own plane where eternal war is the reward for souls whose lives traveled the highways of brutality and hate. Keith, by orders of Lucifer, cannot deviate from his duties as Hell’s journalist and therefore must first complete his visit of the Plane of Blasphemy before he can move on to rescue his companion. On Blasphemy he will encounter the avatars of Death and Life. He will learn what becomes of those who forsake The Father’s gift of a flesh and blood for that of technology.

Here begins the conclusion of the widely successful series Journal of a Deadman. We welcome you again into the realms of The Dark Lord to experience Hell through the eyes of a simple mortal who has been thrust into the politics of Eternity where both Hell and The Host are in constant conflict over the dominion of the nine Creations.

This is Alexander Collas ninth novel. Both his series, Journal of a Deadman and The Family Morningstar, have received both adulation and infamy for taking on the subjects of God, Lucifer and Eternity from a different point of view and bringing into question the accepted paradigms handed down over the last two thousand years. These books are graphic, controversial and deal in topics often skirted by other authors.