Into the Wild – Chapter 21

November 2, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Chapter 21 Devon awoke the next morning with a herd of trolls tap dancing inside his head, and they were out of synch. With a moan, he rolled over and buried his face deep into the pillow. Lying there his mind raced, what had Mat gotten them into last night? Was Mat passed out on the couch? How much had they drunk? Then the dream struck him, he smirked, he’d been a druid in a magical world, it was a great fucking dream. He heard a sound like a wounded cat and opened his eyes. The room started to spin, [...]

Into the Wild – Chapter 20

October 15, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Chapter 20 Mat and Devon stood in the doorway of The Dancing Hobbit with stupid grins on their faces. “Close the damn door, you're letting rain in,” yelled one of the patrons bringing them out of their stupor. “Oh, sorry,” commented Devon as he pushed the ragged collection of wood closed. “The first floors of these places really are inns,” Mat said to no one in particular. This one had a shallow ceiling, just inches above their heads. The chandeliers were rusted metal on chains, each holding five candles belching black smoke, adding to the already dark atmosphere. The walls, [...]

Into the Wild – Chapter 19

September 29, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Chapter 19 By the time they’d made it back to the cave and canceled the spells they were both exhausted. As the excitement of the trip drained away, Mat realized just how weary he was, not only their excursion and the walking but from the residual shock from their first encounter. Their bodies ached and his magic stores were low; still he forced himself to use a little more mana to reseal the cave. He was hyper careful at this point. When Mat eventually lumbered in, he found Devon already snoring, asleep in his spot by their fire. Mat laid [...]

Into the Wild – Chapter 18

September 14, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Mat pulled the daggers from the goblins skull as he tore the small loincloth from the body and wiped his blades clean. Sheathing his daggers, he went over to where Devon lay in a fetal position crying; he’d finally stopped retching. Mat sat down and took his friends head in his lap. “There, there, it’s over.” Devon looked up, his eyes poufy, “I killed something, a living breathing thinking something.” His sobs started anew as he looked over, “…and in such a brutal and painful way.” Inclining his head as he stroked Devon’s hair, “I’ll give you that, it must [...]

Into the Wild – Chapter 17

September 1, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Chapter 17 “If there’s nothing else can we get on the road…well, the path...,” commented Devon as he headed down off the rock. Matsugo paused as he tried to remember the spell he needed, then realized that was the very thing that could never happen in battle. With subtle movements, he cast his first Wizard’s Wall over the opening at the top of the cave. Climbing down and standing before the rock that shielded the path, he repeated the spell with a little more flare. Waving his arms in wide sweeping circles, a red glow started to form between his [...]
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Into the Wild – Chapter 11

May 20, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Chapter 11 – Devon I awoke the next morning to the feeling of a chill in the air. My first thought was to wonder if I’d set the thermostat on the A/C too low. As the breeze brushed across my body and with it the scents of grasses and flowers, I remembered the night before and where I should have been waking up. I didn’t want to open my eyes. What if it was just the A/C? I lay there for several minutes smelling the wildlife around me, feeling both fear and excitement, my eyes clenched shut. Then, when the [...]
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Into the Wild – Chapter 5

March 7, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Chapter 5 Matt wasn’t sure what he expected. His bedroom started to dim as if the sun was going down but continued until finally, he was standing in absolute blackness. For the first few seconds he remained calm but as time ticked on his resolve began to fail. What had he gotten himself into? Then, just as he was about to panic, off in the distance, he saw a dim light. The sunlight started to grow just as it had faded, but this time it was different somehow. It kept getting brighter, so bright in fact; he had to shield [...]

Into the Wild – Chapter 4

March 2, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Chapter 4 When Matt opened his eyes the following morning, he was surprised to find the sun already coming high through the blinds. Glancing over he barked as he discovered it was just after noon.  Why’d he slept so late? He crawled out from under his covers shaking his head and cursing. He preferred to start his day more pre than post-sunrise if he could help it. He walked into the bathroom thinking about the errands he needed to run, removed his boxers, realized he needed to pee and then spend a couple of seconds deciding pre or post-shower. He [...]

Into The Wild – Chapter 2

February 4, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Chapter 2 That damn dream again. Every night for the last two weeks, the same dream. Matsugo sat up in his bed, rubbing his eyes. It was fucking strange. What did it mean? He pulled back the covers, shivering in the cold night air. The seasons had started their change; winter was knocking at the doors of Seattle. In the dark, he walked to the bathroom. He didn’t need light. Matt had lived in this house for almost as long as he’d been alive. The only time he hadn’t awoken in this bed, in this room for that matter, was [...]

Into the Wild: Chapter 1

October 20, 2018 Alexander Collas 0
Into the Wild will be an ongoing online novel. I will try to publish new chapters every couple of weeks. I welcome any feedback and hope you enjoy it. Chapter 1 “They're still chasing us! Why won't those damn things give up?” Matt heard from behind him. “Are kobolds supposed to be such dicks? I thought they hated the sun,” he yelled back as a bright flash whizzed past just missing his head. Turning, he saw his friend, his travel companion, firing bolts from his fingers as fast as he could. They’d been through so much. Their adventures to dungeons, [...]