What are you doing?

November 12, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
WHAT ARE YOU DOING? This is not a guilt-trip. This is not a religion telling you to suffer for the sins of those gone before, or an environmental plea to think of the world you leave behind. This is the voice of someone shaking you roughly by the shoulders and forcing you to OPEN YOUR EYES. Someone screamed and bled when you were born. Someone died for you on a field in a foreign country. Someone burned their clothing to allow your freedom of speech. Someone worked until they went blind. Someone made a decision that resulted in death. It’s [...]

Lamashtu – Xia Morningstars Mother

October 4, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Lamaštu practiced evil apparently for its own sake, her primary victims considered to be unborn children and new-born babies. Pregnant women were therefore also her targets, Lamaštu generally being held responsible for miscarriage and cot death amongst babies. It was believed, in the first instance, that the wearing by the expectant mother of an amuletic bronze head of the demon Pazuzu might thwart the goddess' evil plans. Another apotropaic device in warding off Lamaštu was the positioning of the so-called 'Lamaštu-plaques' of metal or stone about the house, these including a depiction of Pazuzu forcing Lamaštu back into the Underworld [...]