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Journal of a Deadman: Volume 1

Journal of a Deadman: Volume 1
Journal of a Deadman: Volume 1

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Journal of a Deadman: Volume 1

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Keith Aberwilde died on the best day of his life, his book was finally being published. When he awoke he found himself on a shore with thousands of other Damned. He was in Hell. As he stood before the Infernal Judges he saw his life and was judged wanting and sentenced to spend eternity in torment. That is where his story deviated from the trillions who went before, see he had been chosen by The Dark Lord himself. Lucifer had decided that due to the declining state of the nine Creations it was time for him to send the Living a wake up call and Keith was to be his messenger.


Here now are journals of Keith Aberwilde. The Journals of a Deadman. You will join him as he travels the Planes of Hell meeting the many faces consigned to eternities of torments and pain. He will dine with the Overlords, met the Powers of both The Host and Hell as he struggles to transcribe the horrors splayed out before him on each of Hell's Planes. He will find friends, make allies and create enemies powerful enough to destroy worlds.


Keith learns that Creations absente Father's insignificant little mud figures are neither welcomed or wanted in either Hell and The Eternal City. The forces of Creation see the living only by the amount of suffering they can wring from their damned souls, for in that pain lies the fuel which powers Creation.


The Dark Lord, Lucifer Morningstar welcomes you to his realm. Set aside the silly ramblings handed down to the uneducated souls of primitive man, for in these journals you will discover your destiny is one of pain. Forget the stories of loving Father's, see he is gone and now your soul is in the hands of those you replaced, the ones who want to hear you scream.