TOS: Figure Studies

These figure studies were a series of shoots I did many years ago to help artists, of all types, who might not have had access to models. The pictures were of a large format, for the time, so the artist could clearly see the details of the models form. Some are a bit blurry due to natural human movement, but the detail can still be seen. Each pose of 7 to 9 images allows the artist to see the full 360 degrees of a single pose.

I am happy to provide the pictures to artists, sculptors, cover designers, or anyone else to use. You are welcome to recreate the image into a piece of art as long as the original photograph is not included in any way. If the actual image is used, it must be altered significantly or added to the rest of your work. This does not include merely resizing or cropping. Painting the pose as is or sculpting it is perfectly fine. We, above all, want to help fuel your creative process. If you can, but it is not mandatory, please credit our pose, Alexander Collas, or his website, www.alexadnercollas.com, when you can so we can create more and better poses for you to use in the future.

If you plan to resale your art, regardless of media, we request you send a photo or digital copy of the final product along with how it is going to be used (book cover, sculpture, painting, etc.) to art@alexandercollas.com. We will add it to our online gallery, and if you include your name, contact information, and/or website to learn more about you, we will include that as well. These images cannot be shared across any media in their original format. The changing of size, resolution or other manipulation does not constitute a new image and is still covered under our copyright. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@alexandercollas.com

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy

Alexander Collas

Last updated: 7/2022