Alexander Collas

Death Nail Media

Figure Studies Introduction

Fifteen years ago, as a project for a friend, I set myself the task of photographing a variety of models in different poses. Each pose would be photographed multiple times, each image from a different angle, allowing the viewer to see the models’ body from every direction. Over the next few months, I was surprised to learn how many people were willing to show up and take their clothes off. I also began to understand why my friend had suggested this project. It was handy to see a model from different angles. The way the body moved and contoured for a bent arm, when folded at the waist or sitting. Lastly and probably most important to this introduction is I learned I’m not a photographer.

Once he reviewed the images, he said they’d serve as a valuable resource as he pursued his sculpting and painting interests. He used them extensively. Though the quality of some was not the best, keeping a person still while you spin them around can be a challenge, he said there was more than enough detail to accomplish his goals.

After he moved on to a different line of work, I archived the images and all but forgot about them. Recently we got together for lunch, and he brought the photos back up. He insisted they’d helped him and suggested I should at the very least put them on my site and let other people use them. Since they take up a massive amount of space due to their size, I wasn’t sure how my hosting service would feel about that. Since you’re here reading the introduction, it would seem clear I’ve decided to move forward with the idea.

Each month I will post free sets on the site along with the contact sheets for the others. All images will be available in my online store. I’ve kept the prices cheap, just enough to help cover the cost of online storage. Each set offered for sale is up to ten poses or up to 120meg of a specific model in a single pose set (Standing, sitting, lying, or kneeling). Thus, you can see one of Bill’s sitting poses in the free section or buy the complete set in the shop. Let me be clear when I say “up to ten or 120meg,” I mean I will always offer at least ten poses of that model in that pose set unless there are not ten to offer or the size of the total file exceeds 120meg. If there are significantly fewer poses in a single product, then the price will be lower as well. Some models have a limited number of poses within a specific category.

I do want to make a note about the quality. Like I said, some are blurry, some under lit. If you see a set you like in the free section and wonder if that entire set is of equal quality, let me assure you it is. Model shoots were done in one sitting; therefore, if you like or dislike the quality of a specific pose, you can assume you will feel the same about the rest within that model’s catalog. Unless they are horrible, I’ll probably still offer them in the shop. I will include more sets for the same low price. These were all taken on a 10MP Nikon, which is way behind the times these days, but then files photographed using a 100MP camera would be almost impossible to offer online in the quantity of the images I’m posting.

Each month the free images will change. On average, I will post fifteen sets. These images will remain available at no cost the entire month and will be replaced with new sets the following month. So rest assured the old ones will come back around; it might just take a while. All poses of all models will always be available in the shop. See one you like and want the rest but don’t want, then visit the shop and pick up the sets you like.

To those who use the sets in their artwork, be it sculpture, painting, book cover design, or whatever else, all I ask is that “Figure Model provided by Alexander Collas” be given credit somewhere in work. It might be hard for a sculpture, so your website or the online description will be fine. I’d also love it if you could send me a picture of the finished product, and with your permission, I will add it to the Figure Study gallery for others to see. I will also happily add any contact information or links to the product or your services you might wish to provide.

Feel free to write me with any questions at: Figures@deathnailmedia.cmom