Journal of a Deadman: Violence is available

August 15, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Here continues the journals of Keith Aderwilde, the soul consigned to chronical his travels through Hell. In these entries, we will visit the Planes of Blasphemy and Violence as well as the Creations discarded by The Father to the Void. Keith's travels have revealed to him the secrets The Host wished to hide. How their disdain for the living since The Father's disappearance has festered until only a few of the trillions of souls who die are ever allowed to enter The Eternal City. How most, regardless of their devotion, fall prey to the contradictory rules set by The Host [...]
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Weakness by Alexander Collas

April 28, 2018 Alexander Collas 0
Today's world is sad. Everyone looking down. Many only lifting their heads to find another to raise up, to adopt, in hopes of discovering a life's meaning. Those who choose to place someone upon the pedestals of their esteem often do so for no other reason than to scrutinize and relish the flaws they then find through the lenses of their own cynicism and despair. Today's people are angry, hurt, and upset. How many times have you heard about the "good ol' days?" But is it not the younger life, that sense of magic they truly miss. Times when their [...]