Lamashtu – Xia Morningstars Mother

October 4, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Lamaštu practiced evil apparently for its own sake, her primary victims considered to be unborn children and new-born babies. Pregnant women were therefore also her targets, Lamaštu generally being held responsible for miscarriage and cot death amongst babies. It was believed, in the first instance, that the wearing by the expectant mother of an amuletic bronze head of the demon Pazuzu might thwart the goddess' evil plans. Another apotropaic device in warding off Lamaštu was the positioning of the so-called 'Lamaštu-plaques' of metal or stone about the house, these including a depiction of Pazuzu forcing Lamaštu back into the Underworld [...]
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Warren Buffett Says If You Hire People on Intelligence but They Lack This Other Trait, Don’t Bother Hiring people on this trait will make leaders sleep well at night.

January 11, 2018 Alexander Collas 0
 By Marcel Schwantes Principal and founder, Leadership From the Core Warren Buffett. CREDIT: Getty Images   Warren Buffett gave some great advice a few years ago on key attributes to look for when considering job candidates. He narrowed it down to three, but one is purely non-negotiable. Buffet said: You're looking for three things, generally, in a person: intelligence, energy, and integrity. And if they don't have the last one, don't even bother with the first two. Buffett is dead on. Here's why integrity is so important in the people you hire, especially your future managers. You don't question them for their actions. Hall of [...]