Break Free – Ruby Rose

June 10, 2019 alexandercollas 0
It is important to remember, you are what you choose to be. You are as you see yourself. As long as you do not impose yourself or your beliefs upon others. No one gets to decide who you are, how you identify, how you live your life. Be the you, you know that you are.
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There is room for you!

April 4, 2019 alexandercollas 0
I signed up for the Master Class series so I could see Neil Gaiman and Annie Lebowitz classes. Surprisingly I found the most profound comment so far from Steve Martins introduction to his class on comedy. He said, "I hope to teach you that there is room for you out there" As a writer, amongst who knows how many writers, that is profound. I knew from the start that my books were not going to be for everyone. You don't write a series of books from the Great Grandson of Lucifers point of view, his hatred of The Father, his [...]