Books – Journal of a Deadman Series

Keith Aberwilde died on the best day of his life, his book was finally being published. When he awoke he found himself on a shore with thousands of other Damned. He was in Hell. As he stood before the Infernal Judges he saw his life and was judged wanting and sentenced to spend eternity in torment. That is where his story deviated from the trillions who went before, see he had been chosen by The Dark Lord himself. Lucifer had decided that due to the declining state of the nine Creations it was time for him to send the Living a wake up call and Keith was to be his messenger.

Here now are journals of Keith Aberwilde. The Journals of a Deadman. You will join him as he travels the Planes of Hell meeting the many faces consigned to eternities of torments and pain. He will dine with the Overlords, met the Powers of both The Host and Hell as he struggles to transcribe the horrors splayed out before him on each of Hell’s Planes. He will find friends, make allies and create enemies powerful enough to destroy worlds.

Keith learns that Creations absente Father’s insignificant little mud figures are neither welcomed or wanted in either Hell and The Eternal City. The forces of Creation see the living only by the amount of suffering they can wring from their damned souls, for in that pain lies the fuel which powers Creation.

The Dark Lord, Lucifer Morningstar welcomes you to his realm. Set aside the silly ramblings handed down to the uneducated souls of primitive man, for in these journals you will discover your destiny is one of pain. Forget the stories of loving Father’s, see he is gone and now your soul is in the hands of those you replaced, the ones who want to hear you scream.

Journal of a Deadman: Judgement

Keith wakes on what should have been the best day of his life. Then on the way to sign the deal for his first book, he steps off the curb in New York City, and BAM.. hit by a cab. When he wakes for the second time that day, he finds himself sitting by a river dead, yes dead. Quickly he learns he is not only sentenced to Hell, but they have been waiting for him. Lucifer, The Dark Lord, has decided the living need to know about his domain, Dante’s version being out of date, and there begins Keith’s new job as Hell’s journalist. Not exactly the big gig he’d been hoping for. Left with no choice, Lucifer orders Keith to tour every plane, from The Planes of Judgement all the way down to The Great Planes where Pandemonium, Hell’s capitol city, resides and write about his travels. So welcome to this Creation’s translation of Journal of a Dead Man. This book contains adult themes.

Journal of a Deadman: Lust

After the horrors on the Judgement and First Plane of Hell, Keith is beginning to realize his assignment to write about his journeys amongst the damned has not spared him from being one. Still battling the weight of his past decisions he’s surprised to find a new ally in a famous personality from Earths past who just happens to be the Overlord of the Second Plane, the Marquis DeSade. With his new companion Usis, they descend to Lust, where they witness how DeSade has made the art of torture into a theater production in the French style. Keith quickly learns that any hope that he would grow accustomed to the pain inflicted upon those imprisoned here was nothing more than a foolish pipe dream. On this Plane, he is introduced to the essence of suffering while his beliefs about The Father, Hell and the workings of Creation are all brought into question. As his fear and confusion grows, it is also suggested he journey to a cave and visit another of the Fallen, a creature of myth he only knows from the tarot cards he had owned while living. The Dark Lord welcomes you to The Plane of Lust. Here you will learn, with Keith and his two companions how your very passions will be tested and pushed to their limits. Come, let us show you what awaits if your sin is obsession and desire.

Journal of a Deadman: Gluttony & Avarice

Keith and Usis have already discovered their journey through Hell is more than they had bargained for. On the way to the next Plane they and their guide Calmet are attacked by an unknown force. When finally they make it to the Plane of Gluttony they meet the inn keeper Bell, a fellow Earthling. They are introduced to the Overlord of Gluttony, a horrific creature, where they learn of his collection of souls. In that collection Keith finds another person from earth, the epidemy of Greed and Avarice, a TV personality who later became President and helped set in motion the ruin of his home world. On the fourth plane keith meets a very unlikely looking overlord who controls all the resources The Host and Hell filters back into the many Creations from their torture and harvest of suffering from. He learns how these minerals are the very thing that continues to fuel all of Creation.

Journal of a Deadman: Wrath

As Keith travels deeper into the realms of the Damned, he finds that Hell and suffering is not limited to just the tortured souls. Those who rule and run this infernal place also have their own Demons, stories, histories and pains. On the Fourth Plane Keith is told about Lucifer family and the fall. He meets Elick, a Hellspawn and learns what it’s like to be born, raised and grow up in the shadows of his Great Grandfather, one of The Fallen. He meets the Fates and discovers that the living are not always allowed to follow their own paths but instead live out those laid out for them. He watches as his companion, Usis, comes into his own, beginning to change, and the incredible price he could pay for it. In this collection of journal entries Keith tours Wrath, a plane dedicated to the hatred we each carry in our souls. Again The Dark Lord invites you into his world to see what is in store for you if this is in fact your most beloved sin.

Journal of a Deadman: Blasphemy

Keith’s travels through Hell have taken a deeply personal turn. His companion, Usis, has been stripped from him and is now being held prisoner by the Overlord of the Seventh Plane, the Archdemon Leviathan. During his travels Keith has met, what he considers, innocent people who should not be here. He’s met evil creatures who even Hell seemed like an unjust punishment but none of it had been personal. Leviathan had seen to that. The situation now forced not only Keith but Elick, his guide, to make some hard decisions because Leviathan is Elick’s Great Grandfather and one of Lucifer’s more vicious generals. Keith must now not only focus on the task assigned to him by The Dark Lord but also the rescuing of the only person in all eternity he cares about, Usis. His next destination should have been the Fifth Plane, that of Blasphemy, but instead his guide has decided Keith needs to seek the counsel of a friend, one of the few he trusts, the Marquis DeSade, Overlord of the Plane of Lust. Then and only then will they travel to the Fifth Plane where Keith is ready to extract his own vengeance upon some of Earth’s most revered religious leaders who through their selfishness, greed and misinterpretation of The Father’s laws has consigned them and their naïve followers to an eternity of suffering at the hands of The Host. So again The Dark Lord welcomes you to explore his realm and the rewards heaped upon those unfit to see The Eternal City through the eyes of his writer.

Journal of a Deadman: Violence

Here continues the journals of Keith Aderwilde, the soul consigned to chronicle his travels through Hell. In these entries we will visit the Planes of Blasphemy and Violence as well as the Creations discarded by The Father to the Void. Keith’s travels have revealed to him the secrets The Host wished to hide. How their disdain for the living since The Father’s disappearance has festered until only a few of the trillions of souls who die are ever allowed to enter The Eternal City. How most, regardless of their devotion, fall prey to the contradictory rules set by The Host thus dooming them to an eternity as the playthings of Hells Demons and Damned. Keith is now forced into making hard decisions as he prepares to rescue his lover Usis from the clutches of the Overlord of Violence. With his travel companions and advisors, Keith must devise a way to confront one of Lucifer’s most vicious Generals, Leviathan. Keith, by orders of Lucifer, cannot deviate from his duties as Hell’s journalist and therefore must first complete his visit of the Plane of Blasphemy before he can move on to rescue his companion. On Blasphemy he will encounter the avatars of Death and Life. He will learn what becomes of those who forsake The Father’s gift of a flesh and blood for that of technology. Here begins the conclusion of the widely successful series Journal of a Deadman. We welcome you again into the realms of The Dark Lord to experience Hell through the eyes of a simple mortal who has been thrust into the politics of Eternity where both Hell and The Host are in constant conflict over the dominion of the nine Creations.