about Alexander

Alexander Collas is a reader of The New York Times bestselling authors. A writer and supporter of indie authors everywhere. Yes, we worded it that way because most people spot read or only read the headlines. With all the misinformation today, context is important.

Alexander is an American author of dark horror and fantasy. Having spent most of my early professional life in the tech industry, I honed by skill at sarcasm and impatience to the point where becoming a writer just seemed like a natural course. He calls writing something that feeds his soul more than his pocketbook.  The two cornerstones of his writing career are the series, Journal of a Deadman and The Family Morningstar. Both have received adulation and infamy for addressing the subjects of God, Lucifer, and Eternity from a different point of view.  His LGTBQ+ series Into the Wild follows two friends, Mat and Devon, as their transported from a modern world to a magical one. It is important here to point out that though Mr. Collas is a gay author, that does not exclusively define his writing. He strives to make all his characters, regardless the presence or absence of a gender, as part of the larger narrative, as each person naturally is.

The two main works The Family Morningstar and Journals of a Deadman spawned from Alexanders Second Life avatar Xia Morningstar (Xia Chang), who still wanders the dark places of that virtual reality. He can often be found at the inworld Death Nail Media shop where members of Second Life can digital copies of Alexander’s books using in-game money called Lindens.

Alexander can be found on Twitter (@Alexand64117442) on Facebook (AuthorAlexanderCollas) and at www.alexandercollas.com where you can pick up a free copy of Journal of a Deadman: Judgement.