The Times of Bill Cunningham

Narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker, The Times of Bill Cunningham features incredible photographs chosen from over 3 million previously unpublicized images and documents from iconic street photographer and fashion historian Bill Cunningham. Told in Cunningham’s own words from a recently unearthed 1994 interview, the photographer chronicles, in his customarily cheerful and plainspoken manner, moonlighting as a milliner in France during the Korean War, his unique relationship with First Lady Jackie Kennedy, his four decades at The New York Times and his democratic view of fashion and society.

“The women from Chez Ninon, who I lived with for a while because when my aunt and uncle got so discouraged that I was in fashion, I kinda had to move out. So I lived with them. They had a maid’s room I used, that’s all there was to it.”

Rating: 6