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Into the Wild – Chapter 27

Chapter 27

“What was he all upset about?” asked Talvar from the other cell.

“Seems our little bat has been fucking with the guards,” commented Mat casually.

“Fucking with the guards? He’s eating them,” growled Devon.

“Well, it’s a form of fucking with, isn’t it?”

“No, not really.”

“How do you have a minion?” asks Talvar.

Mat looked back over his shoulder at Devon, who shrugged. They both knew he’d fucked up. “We saved it as a baby and haven’t been able to shake it since. If you want my opinion, it’s more Devon’s than mine. I think it just likes the fact I feed it.”

“And its killing guards? I won’t ask what you were feeding it,” adds Talvar before going quiet.

Since their imprisonment, Devon had been watching Mat to see how he was going to react. He could see his friend slowly working his way through his standard phases, anger, depression, more anger, and ultimately some version of acceptance. At times he was growling and cursing at the guards. While others he was meditating and working with Darth or in the corner sulking. When he was in a better mood, usually after having eaten and had wine, he’d be dancing naked at the bars, sometimes with or without an erection, just to scandalize the passersby.

There’d been several signs the real Mat was about to break through, maybe this time permanently. They’d been here for months and were still mistaking this for a fantasy game and not their real lives, which their current situation had proven could be dangerous. Naked dancing aside, Devon could see Mat beginning to review the world with that cold analytical detachment of his. Usually, he’d see this as a positive step, but then again, they were still locked in a cage, and his friend was pissed about that. He’d watch from the back of their cell as Mat poked at the safeguards and magic dampening, looking for flaws and weak spots. Devon wasn’t sure what his friend had learned, but the random cries of surprise or shock from out in the compound had all the earmarks of Mats shenanigans.

Dinner came that night as it had the previous days, but there is something different this time. The food had always been good, well to Devon it was, not so much for Mat since there was no meat. Every day as their servers left, he’d yell at them about that steak they owed him. Tonight though, not only was their more food, still no meat, but the size of the wineskins were also larger, probably by double. “Something’s up,” commented Mat.

To confirm their suspicions, they heard from the cell next door, “Well guys, this is it. This is a last meal if I’ve ever seen one. Bet the trials tomorrow.”

“But, it’s early.”

“I was guessing based solely on what I’ve overheard. It seems I was wrong. Who knows the moon could be full tomorrow. It seems pretty close tonight.”

“Great,” growled Mat as he wolfed down his food, ignoring the wine, and quickly went to his spot and closed his eyes. He was reaching out to his bat.

While Mat was a zombie in the corner, Devon spent his time working to remember spells he knew but didn’t know, casting them at the cell’s walls. As long as he didn’t try anything on a creature, he was fine. Occasionally he’d forget that little caveat and attempt to use a control spell or something on one of the many small creatures that scurried by their cage. It only happened twice, and each time he found himself doubled over in pain.

Devon also spent a lot of time studying Mat. He’d watch the facial movements, the way his body would sway or move while he was in the trance. At times he could tell he was riding along with Darth as they flew across the jungle. It was Devon’s turn to growl, why Mat got to interact with Darth, but he couldn’t communicate with anything didn’t seem fair. As far as they could figure out it was because Darth was for all practical purposes, dead. Therefore, the soul or whatever it was within him was actually part of Mat. He wasn’t possessing another being as much as contacting an extension of himself.

Standing, Devon went to the toilet and pulled down his tights as he wrinkled his nose at their state and peed into the dark hole they called a toilet. Even when doing something as simple as urinating, he still marveled at the feel of his limp cock when he touched it. When he’d been female, he’d played with a few, but they’d always been on their way to becoming hard. He’d never really gotten to study one. Now, with it being his, he had more uninterrupted time with a live specimen. He chuckled. The way they had their own mind, like now, he could feel the little guy wanting to wake up just because Devon was focusing on him. Often that was more annoying than useful since he couldn’t control the time or place very well. But what he’d never grown tired of was the feel of the skin along the shaft when it was soft. It was like silk. How such a delicate and warm skin could transform into a rough, rigid shaft amazed him. Shaking, he forced the semi-erect cock back in his tights. He could feel it considering standing up and hijacking his internal concentrations, distracting him from just about anything else until he’d seen to the little guy’s needs. Who would’ve thought cocks could be such a selfish taskmaster?

Finding his spot Devon curled up in a ball and stared across at Mat. He’d refused to say what he’d been planning, but then Devon was pretty sure he didn’t really want to know. Already people were dying, and this was only the pregame as Mat called it.

He awoke with a start the next morning. He could hear yelling. Looking over, he saw Mat wake up. “Does this place always start the day with drama?” barked Mat adding at full volume, “damn people, shut the fuck up. Condemned man trying to sleep.”

“You might want to get up, somethings happening next door.”

“In Talvar’s cell?” asked Mat as he hopped to his feet, rubbing his eyes.


Hurrying over, they crowded the door, trying to see out. Neither could see the cage itself, but they could hear agitated soldiers yelling and issuing orders.

“The boss is here,” noted Devon as Lok came around the corner. Mat tried not to laugh, but the guy looked too much like a pissed off cow.

They watched the Druid leader approach and then vanish out of eyeshot only to appear a few seconds later. “I supposed you don’t know what happened here?”

“It’s not a matter of if we know. It’s a matter of whether we’d tell you, and that answer is a resounding no,” growled Mat.

“We don’t know anything. To be honest, we don’t even know what we don’t know. What’s happened,” asked Devon shaking his head at Mat. “Oh My God, he’s not dead, is he? Did you kill him in the night?”

“No, it appears your friend has escaped.”

“What? Can the locks be picked? Why didn’t we know that?” barked Devon as he turned to his friend.

“Trust me; the locks can’t be picked. I’ve been trying for two days,” answered Mat. Realizing Lok was still there, he adds, “I mean, if I were going to be dishonest, I would have, not have, already tried several times during our stay.”

“You’ve tried 22 times. Remember, we’re having you watched.”

“And yet, someone escaped,” said Mat flatly. “How well do you trust that guard?”

Mat smiled internally, trying hard to keep it off his face. He watched the nugget of doubt take seed behind Lok’s eyes as he turned and barked for the guard to be brought to him.

“That was mean.”

“I know, but fuck’em. Chaos is our friend at this point. If they start to mistrust each other, it can only work in our favor,” added Mat with a smirk, clearly delighted with himself.

“Good strategy, enjoy it while you have a chance. I’m moving your trial up to later today, so prepare yourself. You can now measure your life in hours.”

“Why are you doing this? We haven’t don’t anything to merit death and yet from the very onset you’ve had your mind set on it,” asked Devon.

Leaning in close Lok gave them a vicious smile. “Because you’re a disruption. I’m still not sure if you’re really with the Xirians. They like to lurk in the shadows, and if you are with them, you need to be dead. We don’t need their influence disturbing what we’ve built.”

“You mean what you’ve built,” hissed Mat.

“Whatever. I’ll tell you this I tend to think you are with the Xirians. No one would pretend to be a member of that sect and be this calm. So if you are, then we need to pull that weed before it spreads. If by chance you’re not, then I’m doing you a favor. Because, when they find out two troublemakers are passing themselves off as one of them, they will come for you. Either way, your dead,” said Lok as he turned and walked off.

“Add this to our list of fuck-ups.”

“This one being?”

“Talking strategy in front of the enemy. Probably not wise.”

“Clearly. On the upside, we all but confirmed the sect if real and learned something about them in the process. A disturbing something, but something none the less,” added Devon.

“Yea, well, unless one of us can come up with a way to escape, it’s not going to matter.”

“I thought you had that worked out?”

“We’ll see.”

Throughout the morning and into the afternoon, there was a steady parade of guards and other assorted people visiting the escaped cell. Eventually, even that stopped, and things appeared to return to normal. For them, breakfast came and went, then lunch and still they heard nothing.

“How’s Darth?” asked Devon when he couldn’t stand the silence any longer. Mat had been trying to figure out how Talvar had escaped. At first, he thought it was merely a lock, but when Devon inspected it, he realized the door was also magically sealed. Even if they’d gotten it picked, it wouldn’t have mattered.

“He’s ready.”


“Element of surprise. Remember this morning, let’s not make that mistake again.”

As evening approached and the time came for dinner, they started to wonder if maybe Lok had just been fucking with them. Devon noticed the moon sitting low on the horizon, “It’s full.” Standing at the door, he used a hearing spell on himself. He’d done it several times to collect information from anyone talking within range. It hadn’t been very useful, but tonight it paid off. He’d learned how the escape had happened. It seemed the guards who oversaw the prisoners, and select other people like Lok wore enchanted badges allowing them access to the cells and other secure sites. One of the guards had been found just before lunch; he’d been dead for a while. From what they could glean from the conversation, Talvar was broken out, and the escape had all the hallmarks of the Rogues guild.

“Seems we should’ve gone there first, maybe they wouldn’t have left us,” commented Devon.

“Fuckers. He knew we were here,” growled Mat as he went to the door in times to see guards marching towards them. “I think we’re up.”

“Gawd, what are we going to do? Are we going peacefully?”

“You are, I’m not. I need them to feel threatened; it throws them off their game and keeps their eyes on me, where they need to be,” answered Mat.

When the guards opened the door, Devon greeted them as he walks out, “Gentlemen.”

When no one else emerged, the guards peeked through the door to find Mat is standing with a big grin on his face. “Since you’ve already tried, convicted, and sentenced me to death, I might as well go down having done what I’m accused of doing, and you boys are it. Come on in and let’s see who gets to walk with me to the trial.”

The standoff lasted about as long as Devon had hoped it would. The most extended section of the little drama was the guard’s reluctance even to enter the cell. It appeared their magic was dampened as well, poor planning on their part, Devon thought. When they did go in, he couldn’t see what was happening, but he heard the grunts, curses, and cries of pain until finally Mat flew through the door and landed on his back, blood trickling from his nose.

Everyone waited until the first guard, and then the other stepped out. Both were nursing an impressive array of injuries, one bleeding pretty severely from a laceration above his eye. Standing and brushing off his tunic, Mat smiled. “Well look at that, you both get to go. Come along; we mustn’t keep them waiting.”

As Devon fell in beside him, Mat whispered, “This whole bullshit trial’s timing couldn’t be better.”

At first, Devon was confused until he realized the sun was setting.



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