Dust by Sydney King Russell 

Posting the Haunted Mansion album made me think of a poem on the album. They altered it a bit as memory serves. But to this day, well over 45 years later I can still quote it from memory. That is how much of an impact it had. And if you know me you can see it as the roots of much that came later. I offer you, Dust by Sydney King Russell


Agatha Morley
All her life
Grumbled at dust
Like a good wife.

Dust on a table,
Dust on a chair,
Dust on a mantel
She couldn’t bear.

She forgave faults
In man and child
But a dusty shelf
Would set her wild.

—————— Disney left out this verse as I recall —————

She bore with sin
Without protest,
But dust thoughts preyed
Upon her rest.


Agatha Morley
Is sleeping sound
Six feet under
The mouldy ground.

Six feet under
The earth she lies
With dust at her feet
And dust in her eyes.

-Sydney King Russell