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Into The Wild – Chapter 26

Chapter 26

“I’m impressed,” commented Devon as he pushed away his tray. “That wasn’t bad.”

“No meat. I really wanted that steak. Otherwise, I’d have to agree. Wonder if we can get seconds,” laughed Mat. “At least they feed their prisoners well.”

“Do you think they’re all druids?” asked Devon.

“Doubt it. I think this is that Lok guys own private town.”

They both heard rustling in the trees above their cell. Looking up, Devon observed, “Is that Darth? He’s not very stealthy.”

“He’s staying hidden. He just rattled a branch to let me know he was responding to my summons. Get some rest if you can, this might take a while,” answered Mat as he closed his eyes. Devon knew he was communicating with his pet bat. He watched for a while and could tell his friend was really concentrating by the way he chewed the inside corner of his mouth. Devon had seen his friend work with his minion several times, but this seemed more intense. 

“Master, what is your command?” asked Darth as he flew low over the canopy with his Master watching through his eyes.

“We need to get you as big as we can,” answered Mat noticing how much better his minion’s mental capabilities had grown.

“I will need to feed then, Master.”

“I know. If I recall, you will need to feed extensively.”

“Correct Master. Livestock is abundant a short distance away, shall I feed there?”

“No need. If we are going to increase your size, we might as well work on your abilities at the same time. For that, we will need souls. Fortunately, there’s an abundance around us right now that I’m not too fond of. Hunt down the guards and use them. Don’t take any unnecessary risks. If multiples are patrolling together, try to lure one away. If you can’t, ignore them and move on.”

“Yes, Master. Do I have a limit?”

“No, take what you need. I need you huge,” explained Mat. The souls weren’t necessary for size. They were more for cognitive and magical abilities. Mat wanted his minion not only huge and fast but powerful as well.

“Yes, Master.”

This was one of the first times Mat had used his skill to see through Darth’s eyes for any length of time. Devon, being a druid, could do it with any animal, Mat could only see through his minion’s eyes.

Mat marveled at how Darth flew over the trees. From this height, he didn’t think the bat would be able to see anything, but he was quickly proven wrong. As he banked to the right Mat saw a faint glow obscured by the branches. “What is that?”

“That is a guard, Master.”

“They glow?”

“My vision lets me see the warmth of their bodies as well as their life.”

“It’s alone?”

“Yes, Master,” answered the minion.

Boy, these guys were smug thought Mat. He smirked as he felt joy surge through the minion’s mind as it dropped out of the sky in a steep dive. Mat had to put a hand on the ground to steady himself, vertigo sucked. The guard never realized his doom. His shock was visible when the bat slammed into his chest and ripped his throat out with his teeth. Not a sound, perfect. “That was good.”

“Thank you, Master,” thought Darth as the elf fell backwards still alive. The minion placed his mouth against his prey’s and lapped up the fine mist which rose past his lips. Mat could sense the ecstasy. That must’ve been the guy’s soul. It didn’t take long for him to realize the downside to eavesdropping through Darth’s eyes. He watched as the bat, with one effortless fluid motion, sliced the guy’s head off with a talon. Mat felt his stomach lurch as the bat drug the head a few feet to a rock and used it to crack the skull. He felt a shiver of excitement travel through Darth as he began devouring the guard’s brain. Mat’s stomach did another summersault, and he tasted dinner in the back of his throat. 

“It’s clear you’ve got this. Just keep going till morning and remember to space the kills out, not all in one spot. I want the compound to get paranoid. Take what you need and then hunker down before sunrise. Repeat this tomorrow night as well. I’ll contact you then and we’ll see what progress you’ve made.”

“What is the size do you wish me to be Master?” asked Darth.

Mat realized the minion was becoming way more intelligent. He was now interested in intent and not just following blindly. “You’re going to be taking someone for a trip.”

“I will need to be large enough to be ridden?”

“I’ll explain when I have the plan more flushed out.”

“Yes, Master.”

Mat broke the link and went over to take a piss. So far, no stink from the little toilet. He stayed up a few more hours in the dimness of their prison and worked on his revenge. He had to correct himself several times, not revenge, escape. He couldn’t make the mistake of calling it revenge in front of Devon; he’d freak.

He yawned and walked to the bars and studied the sleeping compound. This world was amazing at night. Off to his right, he found what he was looking for and smiled. That was plan number two. Just as he started to turn, he noticed hidden beside a nearby tree, someone watching. They had a guard. He faked a yawn, stripped off his clothes and laid down on the ground in front of the bars in clear view of their overseer. Rolling his neck on its axis to relax, he took a deep breath as his hand found his cock. If the fucker wanted to watch, he might as well give them a show. Closing his eyes, he enjoyed, as he always had, the feel of his attentions lavished upon himself. When he brought himself to climax, he was sure to kick his hooves and let out several loud grunts as he covered his stomach with a generous load. Hearing grumbling, he turned to see Devon rolling over but not awake. He smirked.

When Mat finally rolled over for the night, he made a mental note to remember how hard he’d cum. He tried to remember if being watched during sex was a kink back in his old life, but sleep took him first.

When Mat awoke the next morning, he found Devon standing over him, looking out the door. Reaching up, he ran a finger over his friend’s bulge. “You want to move or sit down? It won’t take long to get the ol boy up,” he said as he looked down. Morning wood. “Never mind, he’s already up.” Mat heard screaming and crying.

“You might want to get dressed somethings happening in the camp.”

As Mat was pulling on his tights, he heard yelling from outside their cell. “What’s going on?”

“No idea,” answered Devon shaking his head.

“Hey, you guys over there, what has everyone in an uproar,” yelled Talvar from the other cage.

“No idea,” answered Devon again. “It’s clear somethings going on, and it appears to be bad. Oh wait, here comes Lok, oh shit, he doesn’t look happy.”

“How can you tell? Move, I’ve never seen a pissed off cow,” added Mat shouldering Devon out of the way. Privately he knew what was about to happen and didn’t want his friend screwing it up. “Greetings, oh mighty hoofness. What’s all the hubbub about?”

“Where is that creature of yours?” barked Lok before he even made it to their cage.


“The giant bat.”

“I have no idea. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re being unjustly imprisoned. And I know you know that because you had guards watching us all night.”

“So you admit, it is your creature?”

“I’ll admit it’s a tag along. We feed him scraps, and he follows us, why?” Asked Mat as he watched Lok look back at the guards he’d brought with him.

“You have no control over it?”

“Rouge, remember. I can’t control animals; you guys are the animal lovers.”

“What about him,” barked Lok pointing past Mat to Devon.

“Hey, don’t get me involved in this. You’re a fucking druid, does that look like the kind of creatures we could control?”

“Hey, you’re a druid too right, why are…” added Mat.

“He knows we can influence, not control. He’s trying to see if I know that. What has the thing done to cause such an uproar?” asked Devon. It was now his turn to shoulder past Mat, who let him.

“It spent the night killing guards?”

“Here!” barked Devon, just barely stopping himself from turning to look at Mat accusingly.

“Over a dozen,” answered Lok as Devon finally gave in and turned with a confused look on his face.

“Have you ever known that thing to do this?”

“No, in all the time it has traveled with us, it has never attacked anyone. I’ve seen him hunt small prey for food but never people…,” answered Mat before stopping himself, “…do I refer to you cow guys as people? Is that racial profiling?”

So you had nothing to do with it, on your honor?”

“And you want us to believe you think our honor means something,” answered Mat.

“It probably doesn’t see us as part of its colony. That’s the best guess I’ve got,” added Devon as Lok turned and marched off cursing.

Mat watched as the leader disappeared back into the compound. When he returned his attention to his friend, he found Devon staring at him with “that” look. “What is Darth doing?”

“Your responses were perfect, btw, which is why I’m not telling you what Darth’s up too. You need to look as confused as you did just then.”

“He is killing people.”

“Yes, he is, and he’s not finished. You were warned.”

“I know, but still. How do you know those he’s attacking aren’t innocents? I reluctantly agreed to keep my mouth shut if you attacked Lok, but these are just guards.”

“One of the things you’re going to have to learn at some point is that capitulation is the same as acceptance. There are no innocents here as far as I’m concerned.”


“No, no buts. The innocents are the ones getting sucked into this bullshit, and we’re going to stop that. Do you want to make a difference? Do you want to leave a positive mark? Well, getting rid of people and groups who openly victimize travelers and anyone else they can find not living up to their arbitrary standards. So just sit there and look confused. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.”

Mat watched as Devon slumped down against the back wall of the cell, “At least they don’t think we have any control over him. What happens if they capture and kill him? What will do you then, oh Mat, with all the answers?”

“In the short term, go to plan two. As for Darth, I’ll just make a new one.”



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