Updates – 3/5/2020

Well guys I’m back. Morningstar 3 has been delivered to the editor. It looks like the planned release should be the first week of June. Yup, that long, sorry, but I suck at grammar, and Kyler has a lot to do. Yes, that Kyler, he’s my editor. I’ll post updates as we move closer. In the next couple of weeks, I’ll get a preview chapter up on the website, just to give you a taste.

Into the Wild, Chapter 23 is live. I’m planning to post new chapters every other week. These aren’t edited by Kyler, which means they tend to be a little, okay maybe a lot, rougher. It’s what it is. I’m working on sorting out my grammar issues. It appears Texan and English have grammatical conflicts. If you see any problems feel free to drop me a note at info@deathnailmedia.com, and I’ll clean them up. If you have any other questions, suggestions as to where Mat and Devon should go, or anything else for that matter, send me an email. I want to find you crazy people and see if we can come together.

Also, if you’re in Second Life, find Xia Chang or Alexander Collas and say Hi. We have a new place at Gay Men’s Cove, and it’s fantastic. We plan to start having events every couple of weeks moving forward.

This is my first post in a while. Things have been crazy and the site just kept falling down the priority list. We had talked about an additional site where I could give voice to my more Xiaish tendencies, meaning my controversial ideas and side projects. I decided instead of adding work just to keep it simple; therefore, Alexandercollas.com has undergone an overhaul. From this point forward, I’ll be posting everything here. Xia Blasphemies will be for the opinion pieces, Alexanders Rants will be for shit like this, and News will be for book and Death Nail related stuff. Also, remember to friend or follow me on Facebook, either as Xia Chang or Alexander Collas. As expected, if you get offended easily, you might want to stay away from Xia’s page. My Twitter is @Alexand84428034, and Instagram is collasalexander.

Now the shameless part, if you like the books, Morningstar or Journal. If you like the ongoing web novel, Into the Wild, then please consider hitting the donate button to help keep my worthless ass in the writing chair instead of asking, “would you like fries with that?” Every penny helps and is very much appreciated.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for being a fan.