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Into the Wild – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 – Devon

I awoke the next morning to the feeling of a chill in the air. My first thought was to wonder if I’d set the thermostat on the A/C too low. As the breeze brushed across my body and with it the scents of grasses and flowers, I remembered the night before and where I should have been waking up. I didn’t want to open my eyes. What if it was just the A/C?

I lay there for several minutes smelling the wildlife around me, feeling both fear and excitement, my eyes clenched shut. Then, when the universe decided it was time, it sent me a message telling me to get up. Something struck my forehead.  It was wet and disgusting. My eyes shot open as I reached up. UGGGGG, bird shit. Really?

As I wiped the shit from off my brow, I looked around. My hand stopped mid-wipe, still covered in bird droppings. I was lying in a field on a blanket under a tree. The tree part I already knew, thanks to that bird.

I sat up causing the blanket covering me to fall away. I saw my chest…well I saw a chest. My hand wiped the shit on the course fabric as the other one came up to run over this unfamiliar torso…this male’s torso… this muscular male torso. I FELT THE HAND. It was mine. I ripped away the covers. I was nude. And there between my legs rested the most beautiful, glorious penis I’d ever seen in my life. My eyes went wider, and I yelped, “YAHOOOO!”

Then the second shock of the morning came. A satyr sprung up from beside me. He still had his blanket over him. Actually, it was over his head, and he was flailing and cursing. I knew that voice. It was Matt!

Finally throwing the blanket away, he stopped, still cursing under his breath and looked around. I stood, fully nude with this huge smile on my face. He looked at me. “Well it seems we’re not crazy after all,” was all I said.

His eyes went wide, and he looked down and in the classic Matsugo style, which is often quiet, understated and reserved exclaimed in excitement, “Sweet Jesus, mother fucking son of a bitch.” Ok, so maybe I overstated his understatementedness.

Matt seemed to be far more surprised by how he looked than I was. I knew what he was going to choose. I knew he would fashion himself after his favorite fictional character, Xia Morningstar from the Journal of a Deadman books by Alexander Collas. He’d always been a fan and had often talked about how cool Xia must’ve looked. I was relieved to see he’d chosen the scaled-down version instead of the full Hellspawn version of Lucifer’s Great-Grandson.

Let’s see, how to describe him? He stood just over six feet tall. The fur started at the top of his legs, where it was thin, mostly skin, and continued to grow thicker as it traveled down until it reached his knees. His legs then changed from human to horse or goat, ending in hooves. Between his legs, of course, still hung a cock and balls, long and handsome, if I do say so myself. From the waist up he was human in all ways. Still the Matsugo I knew. His body, as before, was incredibly smooth, no hair. His arms, chest, and shoulders were a little more muscled than I was. I’d chosen a swimmer’s build; he was slightly more muscular but right for his size.

His face was Matt’s face; nothing changed there. Well, if you overlooked the pointed ears and two sets of ram’s horns coming from just above his hairline and circling around to end in sharp tips pointing forward. Where Sayers had short little bunny tails, Matsugo had a long swishing furry tail like that of a dog. His hair, all of it, pubic, leg, hoof, and head, was a stark blue-black color. Overall, he was very handsome. The animal parts seem to suit him as if he’d always been that way. Oh, and for the record and to get it out of the way now, we’re like brothers, the idea of sex with him falls squarely into the realm of ICK…

Still smiling I said, “Yes, it does appear it worked.”

Again, Matsugo’s eyebrows went up, “Devon, is that…Devon…OMG, you have a cock…fucking awesome.”

My knees gave out, plain and simple; they just gave out. I’d seen the new me, but having it said, finally made it real. I collapsed to the ground and started crying. Well, tried to start crying since before I knew what was happening Matt had pushed me down onto my back and grabbed my dick. YES, MY DICK… “Dude it looks great…” he said moving to my balls, “These are nice too, heavy, you did good,” and for the first time in my life, I started to get a hard-on. My eyes went wide, Matsugo’s eyes went wide, and he dropped my balls scurrying backward like a spider yelling, “Oww, Owww, Owww, did you just get a boner?” He paused and again smiled broadly, this time more mischievously, “Cool…Oh, dude, we’ve got to get you laid.”

I laughed, “Fine, let’s think about that later. It seems it’s all real.” A cold wave of terror went down my back as I realized that too hadn’t sunk in yet. “I think I’m scared, are you?”

Matsugo shivered, “Well not until now, thanks for that.”

“OK…” Matt continued, “As I recall we’re on our own. Eluard said there would be a cave and supplies nearby. Look and see if you can find anything lying around.”

I picked up both blankets, who knows if we’ll need them. Matt said he was going to the other side of the small grove we’d awoken in to look for supplies. He hadn’t made it ten feet when I heard a crash. Turning I found him on his back, with his hooves in the air, cursing up a storm. He stood, took a couple of steps and fell again. This went on for a while; all other activities forgotten as I sat on the ground rolling with laughter as he stood, fell, cursed and repeated. Finally, after several more tries, though he hadn’t yet mastered how-to walk-in hooves, he’d mastered the art of stomping. “How old is Matsugo?” I asked getting a decidedly angry look and a finger. After a while he could move by walking like he was stepping over boxes, I still couldn’t contain my laughter which was now only making him madder, “Having a little trouble there? It seems hooves are different than feet.”

“NO SHIT,” he barked. “This is stupid. Who knew this was going to be the first problem? STOP LAUGHING,” he yelled as he stopped over to the edge of the clearing. “AHA… Here are the backpacks and an envelope. How quaint, they wrote us a letter.”

Matt threw the envelope to me as he tore into the first pack. I opened it to find a note, while out of the corner of my eye I watched Matt plow ahead in the usual Matt fashion. “It appears to be a note from our benefactors.”

“And…” was all I got without him looking up, “read it.”

Dear Matsugo and Devon,

                By now you’ve realized that what you weren’t sure about is real. Under this letter are your two packs with clothing, supplies, and your books. There’s a bag for each of you. You can tell which is for each by your ability to see the writing in the book. Neither will be able to see what’s in the other’s, so don’t be surprised if you look in one and see nothing.

                Due South from where you are now is a mountain range; you should be able to see it. You’ll find a small path behind a large boulder that looks like a horse; it will be a tight fit, that’s for security. At the end of the trail, you’ll find a cave with more supplies, money and a place to get your bearings. This cave will remain yours for the duration of your stay in this world, whether you use it or not. Consider it a safe harbor.

                When you feel ready, you can head due north. Be warned you’ll run into a few problems along the way, nothing too big but it should prove a good enough test to judge if you should continue or return to the cave for more practice. If you continue, you will run into a village called Tellar. It should be about two-days travel from the cave. It’s a decent sized town where you can begin your new lives in earnest.

Whichever you decide, there will be no help from us. You’re on your own now. Both Narod and I feel you are the most capable subjects we have seen in a long while. Go out and make a life that will be sung about for many years to come.

                Sincerely,                Eluard



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