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Into the Wild – Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Over the next few days, both began dealing with their imminent departure. Together they met friends, had dinners, saw movies and entertained. Finally, on the afternoon of the fourth day, they sat back where it started, alone together on Matt’s couch. Devon knew he needed to get home; it was time, but they were both worried now, and scared.

“I guess it’s time,” said Devon pushing himself up off the couch. Chewing his lip as he walked to the door then paused and looked back, “I guess the next time I see you we’ll either feel like complete fools, or we’ll be there.”

Matt walked over and for no real reason, their eyes met, and they understood they were both feeling the same fear. Matt pulled Devon in close and hugged him; it was a long tight hug. Devon kissed Matt on the neck, then turned and walked to his car.

Matt stood at the door and watched Devon leave. For some reason, it felt like his friend was going to the executioner. He stood, staring blankly into space until his attention was brought back by a cough.

“Are you just going to stand there all night or are we going to get this started?” Asked Eluard.

Matt turned, “Will it significantly hurt my chances if I tell you, that in many ways, you’re an ass?”

Laughing loudly, “No it’ll not hurt your chances, but bear in mind I’m about to help you change into your new form. How do you feel about a huge black mole with four long course hair coming out of it? I’m talking long enough to braid.”

Smiling broadly, “You’re an evil man. What do we need to do?”

During the remainder of the evening, Matt chose his new form, his skills both magical and crafting, and finally settled in with the help of a sleeping spell with hopes of waking in his new world.



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