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Into the Wild – Chapter 8

Chapter 8

“It’s real, Devon,” said Matt, smiling. “Well, it’s as true for me as it is for you. I met with Eluard. We talked, and I picked you, which is who they already had in mind.”

“So, it’s real?” said Devon with a look of hopeful disbelief. Then his eyebrow lifted, and he tilted his head slightly, “You’re willing to leave everything behind and take this on faith?”

Matt shrugged. “Isn’t that all we have in the planning of our future, faith? In ourselves, in what we know, and those around us that we trust? I don’t have anything left here. Moreover, if this is genuine and really does happen, it sounds like the life you and I have both always wanted. It’d be a life full of adventure. Even if we die because of that adventure, at least we got to live it. I’d prefer to die doing something I’ve always dreamed of rather than just sitting here the rest of my life waiting for that day to come.”

“He said we would have powers?”

“Yes, as he explained it to me, we’d have a set of new skills. He said it’d be like D&D in that sense. That we’d come in mid-level, not start at the beginning. Anyway, he can answer this a lot better than I can. I need you to say you formally accept his offer, and then we both will see where it goes from there.”

“I already did. Hell yes, I’ll do it.”

“Then, please join me,” they heard a male voice call from the other room. “Bring the fries, I don’t get fries often,” he added. They walked around the kitchen corner, and Devon froze just inside the door. There was the man from his dreams, sitting on the couch.

Matt turned to his friend. “Devon, this is Eluard. Eluard, this is Devon.”

The old man leaned forward and filled the three crystal goblets sitting on the table from a dusty, old bottle. Both the tray and glasses were all far older and ornate than anything Matt owned.

Handing one to Devon, Eluard said, “So you’ve accepted. Good. I think the two of you will offset each other well. Here is what will happen now. Over the next few days, you both will need to get your affairs in order. As I’ve said before, nothing will be going with you. You’re also not allowed to leave any notes or other indications as to what has happened to you. This world must think you just vanished.”

“But what about my family?” asked Devon.

“They’ll think you’ve moved away. We will plant a story that should ensure they don’t suffer unduly. In about four days we’ll return to each of you individually and work on your transition. That night after we’ve finished with the preparations, you’ll go to bed, like normal, and when you awake, you’ll be on Dystopia.”

Standing, Eluard finished his wine and took a hand full of fries, saying, “I’ve left you several bottles of wine. Enjoy yourselves and come to terms with your future. Friday night, four days from now, I’ll visit you, Matsugo, and Narod will visit you, Devon. Until then do what is needed to separate yourself from this world and your current life.”



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