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Into the Wild – Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Eluard leaned forward, placing his elbows on his knees. “The how is simple. You agree to take the journey, then we approach your friend and see what his feelings on the matter are.”

“What? You’re just going to walk up to Devon and say, ’So want to move to a new world that has magic?’”

The old man laughed as he took a drink from his goblet. “Not exactly, but close. We’ll approach him, in the same manner, we approached you, in his dreams. Once he’s shown interest, and we are certain he is, in fact, interested, we’ll up the intensity until he confides in you about the dreams. If that doesn’t work, we’ll let you broach the subject with him. We’ll play that part by ear. You then can break the news and let him know an offer is on the table. If I must, I’ll send him to you myself. I’ll appear in his dreams and instruct him to seek you out. Once he does, we will together get the final commitment.”

“Then poof, we’re transported?”

“There’s a little bit more preparation than that. With you traveling to a world with a wider variety of species, you will have the opportunity to change your physical appearance. We’ll also coach you on the different skills, in this case, professional and magical, you’ll need after you decide which you’re interested in. Then once all the details are hammered out, you’ll both go to bed and wake in your new home.”

“What happens once we get there, to this new place?”

“That’s entirely up to you. We’ll provide you with training specific to your race and new skill sets. We’ve found the best way to explain your new abilities is by level, as in your world’s video games. We’ll not send you in as a first level but more mid to upper range, based upon the challenges of your new world.”

Eluard looked thoughtful and turned serious. “When you wake, you’ll have all your knowledge already. Think of it like a skill you’ve not practiced for a while. Since you’ll have no practical experience, only memories, we encourage you to spend some time ‘remembering’ what you already know. We typically suggest you take a minimum of a few days and play with your abilities. You’ll wake up a short journey from one of the world’s towns in a secluded area so you can acclimate yourself. Also, and this is critical, once you wake up, we’re no longer in the picture. You’ll live or die based upon your skills.”

“So that’s all you’ll do for us?”

The old man shrugged. “We’ll give you money, clothing, a good set of weapons and things like that. Understand, however, that for a few days or weeks, based on how much time you take to practice, you’ll be rusty with everything, both physical and magical skills.”

Looking grave, Matt poured another drink. “You’re telling me this is a one-way trip, and there’s no turning back.”

“Correct. That’s the most important thing you need to get through your head. Once you’re there, no amount of begging will bring you back. Any other questions?”

“I’m not sure. Can we ask more questions once Devon is in on this?”

“Of course, this is just the setup. After Devon has been contacted, and if you two agree to take the journey, then you’ll be brought together to work on your new look and professions.” Looking down at his watch, the old man commented, “It’s getting late. Devon will be going to bed soon. Have you made your decision?”

Finishing off his goblet of wine, Matt set it down on the small table. “I’ve nothing keeping me here. If I turned down the opportunity to live a life I’d always dreamed of, I’d never forgive myself.”

Smiling, Eluard prompted him, “I need you to say ’I accept your offer, Eluard’.”

Looking across at the old man, Matt repeated the words deliberately. “I accept your offer, Eluard.”

“We will contact you once Devon has agreed in his mind so you can approach him. Don’t say anything beforehand.”

As the old man finished his warning, Matt saw a bright light and was again sitting on the end of his bed. He looked down he discovered he was still holding the coin.


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