The Family Morningstar: Book 2

I am proud to announce the second book in “The Family Morningstar” series is now available in both print and digital copies. You can pick up your copy on Amazon or at the Death Nail Media store. I encourage you to check out the Death Nail Media store since all books are 20% cheaper than on Amazon since there is no middle man to pay.

Also at the Death Nail Media store you can get the digital version of the book in one of three formats, .MOBI, .EPUB, or .PDF, making them viewable on a wider array of devices.

Lucifer’s gift after the Great War to those who followed him was the ability to procreate, the very thing the war had been fought over. As Hell grew, The Fallen began their new lives and started raising families. The Dark Lord was no different. His Great-Grandchild, Xia Morningstar, one of the most feared and hated creatures in all of Creation was uncontrollable, but then no one tried for he was The Dark Lord’s most prized possession. As great as Lucifer’s love for Xia was, so in equal was his mother’s hatred of her son. In Xia’s eyes, his needs were simple; he wanted to learn who his Father was and the location of the twin sister, taken away at birth. As the years went by and the rift between mother, the  Mesopotamian deity Lamashtu, and son grew, she devised a plan to expel her troublesome spawn from Hell. She succeeded and in doing so unleashed upon the nine Creations the most notorious creature in The Father’s realms.  Here continues the story of Xia and his human minion Sam as they hunt for the secrets both Hell and The Host do not want them to have.