My Opinon…for what its worth.

Technically they can ask a person to deplane. But this is exactly what is wrong with businesses today. Customers are the necessary evil. Businesses do not respect, care about, or consider their customer’s experience. They all give lips service to it; I used to be in the marketing business. They did not worry about HOW a customer was treated but HOW many of those customers said something. It like the new trend of suing a customer who writes a negative review of a product for defamation which several companies have done. It is an imperative that, just like politics, people DO NOT forget. We have to collectively respond to situations like this, as is demonstrated in a 1.4 billion dollar drop in United stock. We need to find the haters in our communities, that flower shop who will not sell flowers to a gay couple, and deny them our money and run them out of business. We have the power. Every time you give a cashier your money you are exercising an opinion as well as a choice. Choose wisely and deny your Endorsement by selecting not to finance this kind of treatment.