Into the Wild – Chapter 22

November 24, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Chapter 22 Burf was true to his word. At noon there came a knock. When Devon opened the door he found several packages stacked just outside. “Looks like our clothes have arrived,” announced Devon in a loud voice as he set the packages on the shoddy sofa. Mat came out to find Devon pulling on the Druid robes. “I thought you gave up dresses.” Wide-eyed Mat walked around his friend as Devon tugged and pulled uncomfortably at the outfit, “That’s something.” “Yea I’m not going to like this,” growled Devon as he saw a note attached to one of the [...]

A thought about sex…

November 17, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Wild nature is itself a sensual experience, from the feeling of sunlight on bare skin or wind through hair, to dancing in a torrential rainstorm or merging with the tickle of sand on a beach. Alone or with others, take time to open yourself and experience that fundamental relationship as you remember that whether wild or controlled, you are still an animal. Live with awareness, live with joy, live with love. Especially on the long winter nights… Treadwell, Cat. A Druid's Tale . John Hunt Publishing. Kindle Edition.

What are you doing?

November 12, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
WHAT ARE YOU DOING? This is not a guilt-trip. This is not a religion telling you to suffer for the sins of those gone before, or an environmental plea to think of the world you leave behind. This is the voice of someone shaking you roughly by the shoulders and forcing you to OPEN YOUR EYES. Someone screamed and bled when you were born. Someone died for you on a field in a foreign country. Someone burned their clothing to allow your freedom of speech. Someone worked until they went blind. Someone made a decision that resulted in death. It’s [...]

Into the Wild – Chapter 21

November 2, 2019 Alexander Collas 0
Chapter 21 Devon awoke the next morning with a herd of trolls tap dancing inside his head, and they were out of synch. With a moan, he rolled over and buried his face deep into the pillow. Lying there his mind raced, what had Mat gotten them into last night? Was Mat passed out on the couch? How much had they drunk? Then the dream struck him, he smirked, he’d been a druid in a magical world, it was a great fucking dream. He heard a sound like a wounded cat and opened his eyes. The room started to spin, [...]